Daily postings of Mark Pellegrino, the actor best known as Jacob on Lost, Lucifer on Supernatural, and Bishop on Being Human (US). Mark can also be found on the CW show The Tomorrow People, starring as Dr. Jedikiah Price.
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Mark Pellegrino in James Franco’s Short test film.


I love this picture so much, he squeezes :)

Watch James Franco’s ‘Blood Meridian’ Test Reel, With Mark Pellegrino as the Judge

James Franco directed an adaption of the Cormac McCarthy novel Child of God, which opens in some theaters on August 1. But Franco also wanted to adapt McCarthy’s novelBlood Meridian, and even Franco admits the book seems like an “un-filmable” novel. That didn’t stop him from trying, and a few years ago Franco shot a test reel for the project. This 25-minute reel features characters from the novel that fans will very much recognize. Notably, the Judge appears, played by Mark Pellegrino.

Note to anyone unfamiliar with Blood Meridian: this is not safe for work.


Please see in a full size


This is my new favorite conversation.


I really should be writing, but fuck it. Here’s Satan. Have a nice one.

I literally got so mad over his shirt I stopped trying. The fact that I can only draw at 3 in the morning sucks and I hate it.

1.17 > 2.14 

You’re gonna do it alone.




yeah less than 83 days actually~

83/100 days until spn s10