Daily postings of Mark Pellegrino, the actor best known as Jacob on Lost, Lucifer on Supernatural, and Bishop on Being Human (US). Mark can also be found on the CW show The Tomorrow People, starring as Dr. Jedikiah Price.
Mark Daily


I’m on the devil’s side. Because he keeps promises.  And he has the most amazing eyes. (Lucifer #15)


FINALLY FINISHED THIS!!! It started quite small, then it took some unexpected proportions and he was quite a challenge to complete! I learned a LOT doing this, every single step was trial and error. There’s still things that could be fixed and improved, but at this stage I’m calling it done and making good use of what I’ve learned toward my next picture. Thanks to my good friend who was an amazing critic and supporter!

Mark Pellegrino by LeapDay


yooo another crappy edit of mine 


mark why


Because everyone needs a winking Lucifer on their blog.




Has anyone else watched the Mark Pellegrino Doubletalk thing from 1991? I watched it and it’s the weirdest thing ever. But wow Mark is a cutie.
If you wanna watch it, here’s a link! Warning though! There’s some boobs and sex sounds so headphones are recommended. 

Have some preview photos.