Daily postings of Mark Pellegrino, the actor best known as Jacob on Lost, Lucifer on Supernatural, Bishop on Being Human (US), and Dr. Jedikiah Price on The Tomorrow People.
Mark Daily


Mark Pellegrino in National Treasure.

(Damnnnn son)

What are you gonna do, brainwash him? Make him forget what you did to his dad? You really trust yourself inside this guy’s head? That’s funny. When I do it, it’s brainwashing. But when you do it for a cup of tea, it’s, what…seduction?


My son asked for another picture. Lucifer from SPN in #23 from the 100 Palette Challenge. Hope ya like it OuO

I luv this bastard <3

Fangirl Challenge [5/50] Male Characters

Jedikiah Price (The Tomorrow People) -  ”Every time you hurt, I hurt right along with you.”


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[Sympathy for the Devil]